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Hello and a warm and friendly welcome to the 1st Eton Wick and Boveney Scout Group website.

Here you can find all the information for Cubs and Beavers for Eton Wick, Eton and Boveney.

Hopefully you will find all the information you require on this site but, if you still have some questions, please send your enquiry to us via our “contacts page”.
Due to the sudden surge in young people joining Beavers and Cubs, it is the Group's mission and dream to find adults to take on the roles of Scout Leaders/Assistant Scout Leaders, so that the young people can continue their Scouting adventures beyond Cub age!  If you are interested in joining, find out more here.

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  • Scouting now has the largest number of volunteers than we've had in our entire history!

    Scouting now has the largest number of volunteers than we've had in our entire history! The annual Census figures are out and show us that there's an incredible amount of volunteers in Scouting, but that with a sky-high waiting list for young people, we still need more.

     Here’s a snapshot of the top facts and figures:

     Total membership today is 618,000 - up by 7.8% from last year’s total of 573,943!
    We’re in our twelfth year of membership growth and Scouting continues to be the largest co-educational youth movement in the UK. There are now 457,000 young people involved in Scouting across the UK, which means 457,000 young people’s lives are being enriched with Scouting skills to help better prepare them for the future.

     UK Scouting now has a staggering 154,000 volunteers – the largest numbers of volunteers in our entire history! This correlates with Scouting’s increasingly flexible approach to volunteering, allowing more adults to help out casually. While this number is certainly an impressive one, we’re still in need of as many more volunteers as we can get our hands on. Scouting is becoming increasingly popular and although we have more volunteers than ever before, there’s still a need for more. Chief Commissioner Tim Kidd says: ‘I’m calling on adults who want to make a difference to the lives of young people in their communities to give Scouting a go. We know that not having enough time is the main barrier to volunteering among adults, which is why we want to make it easier by offering flexibility in a range of roles from Scout group leaders to administrative and trustee positions.’

     The waiting list for young people wanting to join has skyrocketed to 51,000 – the highest it’s ever been! On the one hand, it’s wonderful to see how many young people are keen to join in the fun and how popular the Movement is, but on the other hand, it means there are still a lot of young people currently missing out. Despite having the largest number of volunteers we’ve ever had, the number of young people waiting to join has continued to grow. If you’re reading this and not already a volunteer, why not become one and help ensure more young people benefit from the opportunities Scouting offers?

     The Cub section is currently the most popular of all Scouting sections. There are 158,000 members of the Cub section and nearly 2,000 have joined in the last 12 months!

     The top 10 fastest growing locations (by percentage of overall Scouting membership) in the UK in 2015-16 are:

    • Mid Glamorgan
    • Northumberland
    • County Londonderry
    • Snowdonia and Anglesey
    • Durham
    • Lincolnshire
    • Norfolk
    • Avon
    • Merseyside
    • Central Yorkshire

    Thanks to everyone involved in Scouting for your hard work over the past year, your adventurous nature and dedication to making Scouting an incredible experience for all young people. These results are a testament to everyone’s efforts at growing the Scouting community across the UK.

     With such massive growth across the UK, we’re always looking for new volunteers to help young people gain skills for life. Find out more and join the adventure.

    Posted 18 Apr 2017, 07:36 by Amanda Crawshaw
  • The Biggest Birthday Celebrations Ever!

    In January 1914 a pilot programme for younger boys named 'Wolf Cubs or Junior Scouts' was launched and 12 months later the section was 10,000 strong. 

    After a two-year trial it was time to decide what to do with the Wolf Cubs. In June 1916 the first Cubmasters Conference was held and the following month

    Image result for cubs 100 logo

    Lady Scoutmaster Vera Barclay, who established one of the first Cub packs in 1914 was appointed as Assistant Secretary - Cubs.

    Momentum gathered; in October it was announced that the Wolf Cubs '...has been put on to an official standing in the Boy Scout Association'. At the end of November the Wolf Cub Handbook and Magazine were published and on 16 December a launch was held with a Wolf Cubs display at Caxton Hall, London. 

    Influential guests were invited to the Wolf Cubs' display. Following a speech from Baden-Powell, guests were presented with displays of Cub activities including gymnastics and 'good turns', a Grand Howl and the investiture of a new Cub. 

    Many of the skills the early Wolf cubs were taught are still on the programme today, including First Aid and helping around the hom.

    So what does all this mean for the Cub Scouts of today... the biggest birthday celebrations ever!

    Throughout 2016, Cubs from all over the UK will be celebrating 100 years of the Cub section by taking part in various activities. 

    Eton Wick Cubs will be trying to cram in as many exciting and fun activities as they possibly can this year to make sure that 2016 is the best year of Cubbing ever!  They will be joining other Cub Packs from the Windsor and Eton District in July for a District Centenary Camp at Bears Rail Campsite in Old Windsor.  They will also be "blowing their socks off" at their Summer camp in August which is being held at Chalfont Heights Scout camp. 

    There's no better time to join the Adventure!
    Posted 18 Jan 2016, 02:52 by Amanda Crawshaw
  • Beavers Go Exploring!

    "Awesome!"and  "Epic!!" were just 2 words used by the Beavers to describe their recent adventure.

    So, what adventure have the Beavers been on this time?

    They have been working towards their Explore Activity Badge which finished with an "exploration" to Boveney Lock followed by a campfire and sing song with the Cubs during which the Cubs introduced the Beavers to the scrumptious world of Smores!! The Beavers then got to sleepover at the Scout Hut.   Tic Tac, the Beaver leader, said she was so proud of what her Beavers have achieved. For a lot of them it was their first ever Beaver sleepover!

    They all went home on Saturday with badges and smiley faces.

    Posted 3 May 2015, 04:02 by Amanda Crawshaw
  • We will Remember Them

    On Sunday, 9th November, Beavers and Cubs from 1st Eton Wick and Boveney took part in the village's Remembrance Day Parade and Service.  They were also joined by two Lent Rise and Dorney Scouts and a Scout from 2nd Datchet (all of whom were former Cubs at Eton Wick).

    The parade marched off from the Village Hall along the Eton Wick Road to the St John Church, where the service of Remembrance took place.  This year two Cubs and a Beaver read out prayers whilst Tic-Tac, the Beaver Leader, read out the bible reading. 

    The people of Eton Wick love to see the young people on parade - they always comment on how smart and well behaved they are.

    Posted 10 Nov 2014, 05:43 by Amanda Crawshaw
  • Fire Safety

    On Friday, 19th September the Cubs had a fantastic evening visiting Langley fire station.  The cubs got the opportunity to learn all about fires and fire safety as well as look round the fire engine.  They even played a relay game to see which team could get dressed into full firefighters uniform the quickest.  According to the Cubs, the best bit was being allowed a go on the fire hose at the end of the evening!

    Amongst all the fun being had, the Cubs achieved their Fire Safety Activity Badge - Well Done Cubs!

    A huge thank you to Chris Davies and the rest of his crew.
    Posted 30 Sep 2014, 02:32 by Amanda Crawshaw
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