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If you would like more information on Beavers, Cubs or the Scout Group in general, then please contact:

CUBS - Leader (Akela) - Mrs Val Ross

Val has been the Cub Scout Leader at Eton Wick for over 30 years.  Her involvement started when her son was 8 (he is now in his 40's!).  Val has a wealth of experience and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

CUBS - Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Raksha) - Mrs Amanda Crawshaw
Amanda has been the Assistant Cub Scout Leader with Eton Wick Cubs for over 20 years and is the daughter of Val Ross.  When Amanda is not Scouting you will find her either in a lake, on her bike or running, as her second passion is the sport of triathlon.  Please feel free to contact Amanda if you would like more information about Cubs, she is really rather friendly and nice.

CUBS - Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Bagheera) - Mrs Amanda O'Farrell

Amanda moved into the village in 2014 and spotted Akela and Raksha in their uniforms and, well, the rest is history as they say!

Amanda has many years Scouting experience as she used to be an Akela at a different pack in a different District/County.  Amanda not only brings experience, but enthusiasm and bundles of energy!

CUBS - Assistant Cub Scout Leader (Shere Khan) - Mr Dom Anderson-Kobs

Dom ended up at Eton Wick due to his son joining our Beavers. From day one, he expressed an interest in joining the Cub leader team.  Dom brings bundles of enthusiasm and balance to the otherwise all female leader team. Although, to be honest, I am sure he would fancy a bit of male company at times!

CUBS- Section Assistant (Rama) - Mr Alan Linton

Alan didn't want his son to have all the fun, so he decided to join Cubs too!  Alan works at a local school and some of his brothers are also involved with Scouting within Windsor and Eton District, so it's a really family affair!  Alan assists the leaders with running the pack nights and joining in with the fun!

BEAVERS - Leader (Tic Tac) - Amanda Garrett

Yet another Amanda!

Amanda has been helping out at Beavers over the past 3 years and decided to step up to Beaver Leader upon the previous leader's retirement.

Her involvement in Beavers runs alongside being a TA in a school.  Amanda is passionate that everyone is equal and made to feel welcome in the Beaver Colony.  Please do not hesitate to contact Amanda if you would like further information about Beavers.

BEAVERS - Assistant Beaver Leader - Rebecca Mockett

Rebecca's son used to be a Cub at Eton Wick and missed coming along to help out once he had moved over to Scouts.   Although, Rebecca still came along to cook on Cub camps for us! Being a personal friend of Tic Tac's, she decided to come on board the leader team as Beaver numbers were growing and they needed an extra pair of hands.  Did we mention that she makes scrumptious cakes, too!

BEAVERS - Section Assistant - Charlotte Pickering

Charlotte will shortly be entering teacher training and wanted to gain some experience of being around young children, so Charlotte made contact with us to see if it would be possible to come and volunteer with the Beavers. Charlotte is very enthusiastic and keen and we have no doubts that she will be an excellent Section Assistant.