Group History

Did you know that Scouting has been a part of Eton Wick’s lifestyle since 1912!

The first Scout Troop was formed in 1912, but had to be disbanded in 1916 due to World War I.

The Scout Troop was reformed again in 1926 with the village Wolf Cub Pack (as Cubs were known back then) forming in 1930.

The old Scout Hut used to be located on The Wheatbutts site up until 1960 when it moved to a new brick built Scout Hut in Haywards Mead.

Unfortunately, that Scout Hut was the subject of an arson attack back in 1996 and the Group lost everything! However, the villagers of Eton Wick rallied round the Group and took on the task of raising money to help the Group get back up and running again.

1998 saw the new Scout Hut opened by Will Carling.