Eton Wick Cubs are the Cream of the District!

Post date: 28-Oct-2013 13:38:48

On Saturday, 22 February, a team of 3 Cub Scouts from Eton Wick took on other teams from Cub Packs within the Windsor and Eton District in the annual District Cub Scout Quiz.

The Cubs had to take part in various challenges such as: naming flags from different countries; completing as many jigsaw puzzles as they could in an allotted time; skittles; trying to get as many ping pong balls as they could into the jam jars in an allotted time, fishing and archery.

The scores were all rather close after the hands on bases, which meant it would all come down to the quiz!

After a quick pit stop to recharge their batteries it was time for their brains to be tested. The Cubs faced questions on Scouting, the Royal Family, animals, sports, maths, spelling and general knowledge. Once again, it was a close contest after the quiz round. Time for another pit stop whilst the final scores were added up.

After a long intense wait the scores were finally ready, and the winners of the Windsor and Eton District Cub Scout Quiz were............

"1st Eton Wick and Boveney!"

A huge well done to Elliot, Alex and James - you did a tremendous job and should be very proud of your achievement!