We will Remember Them

Post date: 10-Nov-2014 13:43:28

On Sunday, 9th November, Beavers and Cubs from 1st Eton Wick and Boveney took part in the village's Remembrance Day Parade and Service. They were also joined by two Lent Rise and Dorney Scouts and a Scout from 2nd Datchet (all of whom were former Cubs at Eton Wick).

The parade marched off from the Village Hall along the Eton Wick Road to the St John Church, where the service of Remembrance took place. This year two Cubs and a Beaver read out prayers whilst Tic-Tac, the Beaver Leader, read out the bible reading.

The people of Eton Wick love to see the young people on parade - they always comment on how smart and well behaved they are.